My favourite season is always the one we’re just about to go into and the changing of the seasons is a perpetual source of wonder and inspiration for me. I love the newness of spring – the buds of flowers, the hatching eggs of birds, the lambs, the bluebells. I love the long evenings of summer, the camping, the ourdoorsyness of the season, I love the colours of autumn, the smell of bonfires in the air and that crunchy sound of leaves under your feet. In winter I adore the cold brightness of it, the excitement of Christmas and the dark evenings snuggled up round the fire. I love the puddle splashing opportunities of rain, the warmth on your back of sunshine. The climate in the UK and the very definite feelings of the four seasons is one of my favourite things about living in this country.


But today, today was for me what our lifestyle choices are all about. Yes it was September, late September at that but the sun shone bright enough to give me slight sunburn and instead of being at school or work we spent the morning on the beach. We were with friends and while I drank tea and put the world to rights with some of my favourite people in the world Monster and Teeny frolicked in the sea, built experimental sea defences and made up games with some of their favourite people in the world. It was blissful, idyllic and made us all wonder quite why anyone would choose to be doing anything else really.

So not back to school, but loving every minute of our own version of the start of a new term.


But if I disregard my fickle loving everything for it’s own sake-ness I would probably have to nominate September for my favourite month. It’s the month I married in, the month I became a mother in so there are always celebrations. As a child I liked the start of the new school year, the new stationery, shiny new shoes, as a Home Educator I like everyone else going back to school and freeing up the musuems, the parks, the beaches for us lucky few who have no better place to be on a Monday morning.


Our weeks do have a certain amount of term time structure to them – evening activities four out of five weekdays for Monster or Teeny or both which we always enjoy the summer holiday break from and always enjoy the September return to. Most years we have a family holiday in September and this year was no exception; we rounded off what has been a fab summers camping with a last week in our favourite campsite and were joined by some of our very best friends too.

We had a local Not Back to School Picnic in line with other Home Educators around the country. We loved being part of this event, for me it cemented all that is great about what we do – locally it involved children of all ages playing together in the park, having fun, while the adults sat and chatted. We are from all sorts of parenting / religious philosophies, various socio-economic groups from the family who are paying for private tuition to ensure their children get the very best education money can buy to the traveller who lives in a truck and HEs her small daughter, the very school-at-home to the totally free range and autonomous. This was replicated up and down the country with people coming together to celebrate our right to Home Educate, defend it against the threats facing these freedoms and prove, yet again, that we are not hidden, unsocialised people who have stepped outside of society.